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Mercury Recycling

EPA Regulatory Information

Air Cycle Corporation provides the information in this section in order to familiarize LampRecycling.com users with the regulations governing lamp disposal, and to identify for LampRecycling.com users the government agency that may regulate their operations. LampRecycling.com users may use this information as a starting point to determine how their facilities are regulated. Customers are cautioned against relying solely on the information contained below and should contact their state environmental protection agency for more information to determine how lamps are regulated in the states in which they operate. For official guidance and other tools and resources regarding lamp regulations and recycling, please visit the federal EPA fluorescent lamp website.

Why is mercury an environmental concern?

Mercury is a metallic element that can accumulate in living tissue. In sufficient concentrations, mercury may cause adverse health effects. Sources of mercury in the environment from human activity include coal-burning power plants, batteries, and fluorescent and HID lamps.

Small amounts of mercury are a necessary component in fluorescent and HID lamps, but when a lamp is broken, crushed, or dispensed in a landfill or incinerator, mercury may be released to the air, surface water, or groundwater. Considering this, it is a good policy to keep the mercury in fluorescent and HID lamps out of the solid waste stream by recycling.

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