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Program Features

  • Simply order containers, track their status, fill with waste, and mail for recycling...return shipping is prepaid!
  • Then prove compliance with Certificates of Recycling and monitor Recycling Reports to see how your facility is doing!

Container Tracking
Enables instant determination of container status. Perfect for multiple facilities.


Certificates of Recycling
Certificates are emailed to your inbox after container recycling and available online 24/7.


Recycling Reports
Live, visual reporting of waste recycled at your facility. Track progress, set goals, email reports.

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Have Lots of Lamps?


Facilities over 150,000 square feet generate a lot of lamps!

That's why Air Cycle offers Bulk Pickups of unlimited waste quantities that enable flexible scheduling and a lower recycling cost with no upfront investment.

Learn More bulb-eater

For even more efficient lamp recycling check out the Bulb Eater® Lamp Crusher »

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