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EasyPak Zero Waste - PPE Containers

You asked, we listened!

The Safe Efficient Way to Recycle Disposable Masks and Gloves

PPE Disposable Masks Box
 PPE Disposable Gloves Box








Disposable Masks Recycling Box                               Disposable Gloves Recyclng Box


VaporShield® is a specially designed box.  This container replaces the box and bag system, speeding the loading process. 


Eco-friendly brown kraft cardboard material is 100% recyclable

Bagless box with end caps enables fast, hassle-free setup and loading 

VaporShield Box


  • Sustainability:  Keep a rapidly growing waste stream out of landfills 
  • Safety:  Established and clearly marked containers for used disposable masks and gloves
  • Easy-to-Use:  Simply fill the box, seal, and return with the prepaid shipping label via UPS
  • Nationwide:  Order and return from anywhere in the Continental US
  • Exlusive Online Features:  Recycling reports, optional auto-reorder, container tracking and Certificates of Recycling available

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