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Air Cycle Corp., Waste Reduction, Disposal, Recycle Equipment, Lisle, IL

Air Cycle is proud to have already sold thousands of EasyPak™ lamp and mercury recycling containers to facilities across United States. We have worked with both small and large companies, schools, hospitals, military bases, and government buildings. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Customers are always welcome to contact our customer service staff to offer both praise and constructive criticism.

Here is a sampling of what EasyPak recycling customers have told us recently:


"This is a great program. Having a re-sealable pail to put the batteries in is so much better than using a box like we did with a past recycling effort. I also appreciated the reminder that it was time to send back the full pail. The automatic re-order of a new pail upon return of the old one also makes this program easy. I really appreciate the simplicity of this excellent program."

Jeff Millis
Talan Products Inc.

"This EasyPak recycling program is simple and very easy for anybody to understand (the procedure and the packaging instructions). It’s been working out very well for our facility."

Bob Ensele
Fairchild Medical Center

"…well, it’s really simple – we get them, fill them up and ship them to recycle…."

John Evans
La-Z-Boy West

"This EasyPak program is outstanding – really easy to use. We just pack our waste and ship it out; it’s as simple as that!"

Eric Anderson
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

"The EasyPak recycling program is very convenient - and that is the number one thing we like about it. We save on labor – no need to drive somewhere to drop off the waste. We just fill up the containers and can ship them to recycle whenever."

Mark Funhouser
The Chumash Casino Resort

"The EasyPak recycling program is really working out well for us - we have a new building, so we do not generate that much waste. We placed the mercury recycling containers in different places around the building – it’s convenient."

Dan Griffin
Northrop Grumman

"No more challenges with fluorescent bulb and mercury recycling. We use the EasyPak recycling program and it is very simple and convenient for us."

Jim Slager
Homer School District 33-C

"The EasyPak recycling containers for ballasts, batteries and fluorescent bulbs are working out just fine for us. We package our universal waste, ship it and wait for recycling certificates."

Larry Bemisderfer
Toccoa Falls College

"Using the online ordering form couldn't have been easier and worked great! The faster we're able to deal with our lamps the better, so we can concentrate on our business. The new online capability allows us to do just that."

David Lansford
Classic Tan - General Manager

"I don't know of another outfit in need of recycling options, but if the subject comes up, I'll happily recommend your gang. You were a timely answer to our needs; in fact, we got on board with you right before corporate mandated a HazMat solution, which made us look alright."

Kalo Alexandra
CBS Television

"Thank you for protecting the environment from harmful chemicals such as mercury that damage the earth and are toxic to its' inhabitants. I find recycling to be extremely commendable as well as being a basic form of environmental consciousness. It is wonderful to know that you have helped businesses and homeowners recycle dangerous items such as lamps, light bulbs, ballast, and batteries that would typically be thrown away and would harm the earth. By finding a safer more ecologically friendly way of either reusing or safely disposing of them, you have done your part in protecting the earth for future generations. You have put our minds at ease when we use these items necessary to live comfortably."

Aimee Archer
Chino Hills, CA