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 EasyPak™ Full Container Pickups

All EasyPak™ containers include a pre-paid shipping label for shipping to recycling facilities.  Once your container is properly filled and sealed, remove shipper receipt (if applicable) and attach the label to the box (Note:  Vaporshield 4' Standard Lamp Recycling Boxes, Vaporshield 4' Jumbo Lamp Recycling Boxes, and Vaporshield 8' Lamp Recycling Boxes should already have the return label attached to the box).

If you have a UPS tracking number (typically starting with 1Z61R), EasyPak™ containers can be picked up with your regular, daily UPS pickups/drop off or call 800.823.7459 to schedule a pickup.  If you have a FedEx tracking number (typically starting with 9611018) call 800.463.3339, or click here to schedule your FedEx pickup.

Your tracking number can be used to track your container online at UPS.com or FedEx.com.  It can also be used to retrieve your recycling certificate  after your container has been proceessed (typically within 10 business days after the container is picked up by UPS or FedEx).

          UPS Customer Receipt                       UPS Return Shipping Label      
UPS customer receiptReturn UPS label
                FedEx Return Shipping label

return label