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Online Features at LampRecycling.com

LampRecycling.com is proud to offer the following online features to make your recycling experience with us even better:

  • Recycling Reports:

    Access live visual reporting based on the amount of waste recycled at your facility. Track progress, set goals, and email reports. Recycling Reports reflect all waste recycled through EasyPak™ containers.show me a VIDEO
  • Certificates of Recycling:

    Receive certificates of recycling after sending in your EasyPak™ containers. Certificates are perfect for providing proof of your recycling efforts to government regulators or for green initiatives within your organization.show me a VIDEO
  • EasyPak™ Container Tracking:

    Perfect for multiple facilities, container tracking gives managers the ability to quickly determine container status.show me a VIDEO
  • EasyPak™ Sustainable Program:

    With the EasyPak™ Sustainable Program, whenever you return a full container for recycling a replacement container will automatically be shipped to you. LEARN MORE show me A VIDEO
  • Lots of Lamps?

    Several other convenient and cost-effective solutions are available for larger facilities. Learn More