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An Introduction to the EasyPak™ Sustainable Program

The EasyPak™ Sustainable Program increases the efficiency of waste recycling for facility managers by minimizing the time and effort it takes to order EasyPak™ recycling containers. Whenever a container is filled, returned, and received for recycling a replacement container is automatically reordered and shipped to the facility.

This hands-off approach to container reordering enables a facility to ensure that recycling containers are always available, and makes it easy to stay compliant with recycling regulations.

Quick Facts

•  A replacement container is only shipped after a full container is received and processed--the facility will never receive a new container until the old one has been received

•  Receipt for the billed purchase order or credit card are automatically emailed to the account holder

•  Online Recycling Reports and Certificates of Recycling are automatically updated to reflect returned containers


View a video demonstration of the program » 
EasyPak™ Sustainable Program video 

The video covers how the Sustainable Program works, program features and benefits, and how to start a program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cancel the program?

Yes, the program can be cancelled at any time. Click “Sustainable Program” in your account menu and click “View Details” on the program you want to cancel. Once you’ve determined this is the correct program, click “Pause” or “Delete” at beneath the Program ID. Your program can also be cancelled over the phone by calling 888-640-6700.

2. Is it free to sign up?

Yes! We only charge for the containers you purchase, the rest of the features are complimentary.

3.  Do I have to be part of the program?

No. Before submitting an order, you have the option to place a one-time order.