Instructions for Loading and Shipping EasyPak™ Micro Battery Recycling Container

Container Loading Instructions:

  1. Remove the plastic container from the box. SAVE THE BOX and container lid for return shipment. The return shipper will not accept the container by itself.
  2. Write the “Accumulation Start Date” on the back of the bucket with permanent marker (date when the first lamp is placed in the bucket). Ship the container within one year from the start date to comply with regulations.
  3. Place plastic liner (included) into the EasyPak™ container.
  4. *Warning:  Only Dry cell batteries and Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) should be placed in EasyPak™ containers.  Any battery, of any chemistry or voltage, must be effectively insulated to prevent bare terminals from coming into contact with other material that can create evolution of heat and fire through discharge.  Insulation of batteries, as required by the DOT, is accomplished by taping battery terminals with clear tape or by placing individual batteries in plastic bags - zip-lock is recommended.  For TPMS; valve stem must be removed from TPMS, and the opening in the TPMS covered with clear tape.  Do not use masking, colored, or duct tape!!
  5. Carefully ll the plastic container with dry cell batteries (see front label for detail). Do not exceed 25 pounds. KEEP CONTAINER CLOSED WHEN NOT FILLING.
  6. When container is full, seal the plastic liner with the provided cable tie (inside plastic envelope).
  7. Replace the lid on the plastic container and seal tightly.

Shipping Instructions:

  1. Remove UPS return shipment label in the envelope attached to bucket lid.
  2. Replace the container in box and seal edges with 2" packaging tape.
  3. Make sure box is sealed on all open edges and any holes or tears are covered.
  4. Apply label on the side of the return shipping box.
  5. Save the UPS Return Service Customer Recipt with tracking number for your reference.
  6. EasyPak™ containers can be picked up with your regular, daily pickups or to arrange for a pickup, call 888.640.6700 or log on to
  7. To access your Certificate of Recycling click here, or place another order here.


*DOT requires that the Shipper properly package, mark, and label hazardous material. This container meets DOT standards for Performance Oriented Packing under 49 CFR Part 178. The marking and packaging requirements for this container can be referenced in 49 CFR Parts 171-173