Instructions For Packing And Shipping EasyPak Dental Waste Recycling Containers

Dental Waste Recycling Container

The EasyPak® Dental Waste Recycling Container may be used to dispose of amalgam waste and lead x-ray foil. Be sure to follow the instructions below closely to ensure you comply with EPA and DOT regulations.

Battery BucketContainer Loading Instructions:

  1. Remove the plastic container from the box. SAVE THE BOX and container lid for return shipment. The shipper will not accept the container by itself.
  2. Complete and sign the generator information form and return with container.
  3. Remove the 1/2-gallon bucket from the outer 3.5-gallon bucket and fill with contact amalgam, amalgam sludge, vacuum pump filters, and side chair traps.
    *Extracted teeth must be disinfected before being placed into the container. Do not use disinfectants that contain alcohol, formalin or bleach.
  4. When container is full, securely seal the 1/2-gallon bucket and place it back inside the outer bucket. Leaking containers MAY NOT be shipped.
  5. Segregate any non-contact amalgam, x-ray foil, or amalgam vials in separate bags and fill the remainder of the space in the outer bucket with these wastes.
  6. IMPORTANT: Per DOT Regulations, do not fill container with more than 1 total pound of mercury (approximately 2 pounds of amalgam). Combined total weight of two containers should not exceed 25 pounds.
  7. Replace the lid on the outer container and seal tightly. Leaking containers MAY NOT be shipped.

Shipping Instructions:

  1. Remove label in the envelope attached to bucket lid.
  2. Replace the container in box and seal edges securely with 2” packaging tape.
  3. Make sure box is sealed on all open edges and any holes or tears are covered.
  4. Apply label on the side of the return shipping box.
  5. Remove shipper receipt (located in the upper left corner of return label) for you reference.
  6. Schedule your pick-up by calling 888.777.6040 or online at
  7. To access your Certificate of Recycling or place another order, visit For more information on Certificates of Recycling visit