Instructions for Packing and Shipping EasyPak™ CFL Recycling Box

1. Unpack the box and carefully seal all sides, corners and the center seam of the bottom of the box with 3” wide box tape. DO NOT USE MASKING TAPE TO SEAL BOX.

2. Line the shipping box with the poly bag.

3. Carefully ll the box with CFL lamps. Container holds up to 150 small CFLs. Do not exceed 69 lb weight limit. Do not place broken lamps or other lamp types in the container.

4. Fold the top flaps of the shipping box closed. Twist the excess poly bag together, fold it over itself, and secure it with the bag clip provided. Make sure the plastic bag is completely sealed.

5. Securely seal all sides, corners, and the center seam of the top of the box with 3” wide box tape.

6. To retrieve your certicate of recycling, save your tracking number from the return shipping label and visit for instructions.

7. Fill out the red “Generator Information” label on the shipping box and schedule your pickup by calling 888.777.6040 or online at