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Lots of Lamps? Try Our Other Services for Fluorescent Bulb Disposal!

While EasyPak™ works perfectly for most facilities, if you generate larger amounts of lamps or other waste there are other fluorescent bulb disposal and recycling solutions, such as the Bulb Eater or a Bulk Pickup, that might be more convenient and cost-effective for you.

The Bulb Eater®

  • For for facilities over 200,000 sq. feet or that generate over 100 spent lamps per month.
  • Crushes 1350 lamps into a 55 gallon drum while removing 99.9% of mercury vapors.
  • Reduces labor by 20 hours per 1,000 lamps
  • Can help cut fluorescent bulb disposal recycling costs by 50%

Click here for the Bulb Eater®

Bulk Pickup

    • For facilities over 150,000 sq. feet that generate large quantities of intact or crushed lamps, ballasts, batteries, or electronic waste
    • Lowers recycling costs with no upfront investment
    • Allows users to schedule bulk pickups according to their facility’s needs

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Greener Results

  • For companies with multiple facilities and complex environmental needs
  • Helps you develop customized “green” program for your company across all your facilities
  • Develops and implements strategies to market your company’s environmental efforts

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Custom Corporate Portals

For companies whose scale demands a more comprehensive tool, Air Cycle offers Custom Corporate Portals, which allow you to easily and effectively create, manage, and track your nation-wide recycling program.

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