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Air Cycle Sponsors & Participates in Sustainable Saturday Recycling Event

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March 21st, 2015 marked another successful recycling event for Air Cycle! Air Cycle sponsored and volunteered at The Village of Lisle's annual Sustainable Saturday Recycling Event. The event encouraged recycling of hard to dispose of items such as fluorescent lighting, electronics, scrap metal, batteries, building/hardware supplies, and more.

Air Cycle team members and volunteers collected approximately 315 linear (4 ft and 8 ft) fluorescent lamps, 1,200 compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and 1,000 lbs of dry-cell batteries.

Complete Results of the collection:

  •     •    Interstate Battery - 26 SLA Batteries (1,296 pounds);
        •    1,500 pounds of materials recycled by the DuPage Restore;
        •    Air Cycle - 315 linear fluorescent lamps, approx. 1,200 CFL’s, and 1,000 pounds of household batteries;
        •    SCARCE - a tin of buttons, bag of crayons and pencils, 56 old/torn American flags, 70 pairs of eye glasses, 1 box of yarn, 1 bag of empty pill bottles, 15 boxes of used cooking oil (74 pounds), 2 boxes of binders, 10 flower pots, 1 bag of stuffed animals, 1 trumpet, 3 boxes of records, 3 boxes of holiday lights, 3 pounds of old keys, 31 boxes of books;
        •    Working Bikes – 13 bikes, one-tag-along bike trailer and (1) walker;
        •    Elgin Recycling – 2,320 pounds of scrap metal;
        •    NLE – 34,267 pounds of e-waste.
  • We are proud to have participated in this event and continually encourage people and facilities to recycle and keep hazardous waste out of our landfills!
  • how to start a recycling program »                                                        Read more about the event »



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