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New York Law to Require E-Waste Recycling

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Beginning January 1, 2012 all facilities in New York will be required to recycle their electronic waste, according to the Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act signed into law last year. The law includes manufacturer take-back provisions that qualify small businesses with less than 50 full-time employees, or non-profits with less than 75 full-time employees, to recycle their e-waste for free.

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Among other devices, electronics covered under the new law include: 

  • •  Computers
  • •  Televisions (as well as cathode ray tubes)
  • •  Small Scale Servers
  • •  Computer Peripherals
  • •  Monitors
  • •  Electronic keyboards
  • •  Electronic mice or similar pointing devices
  • •  Facsimile machines
  • •  Document scanners
  • •  Printers 

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