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How to Make a Building Go Green

National Geographic

Making a facility green can seem daunting. But it doesn't take large structural changes to make a big difference for the environmenta and, in many cases, your bottom line as well. From National Geographic, here are 5 simple ways to reduce your environmental impact:

1. Use an efficient lighting system. Inefficient lighting uses more electricity, which is often generated by burning more coal to produce energy. Take some soot out of the environment and save yourself some money by installing high-efficiency lighting and controls that automatically shut off when space is unoccupied.

2. Ensure that the building is properly insulated. Again, it comes down to efficiency. A well-insulated building conserves energy, which otherwise might be generated from environment-harming power sources.

3. Reduce overall building electricty usage. While efficient lighting is a key way to cut electricity costs, don't overlook timers and other devices that regulate electricity consumption by computers and other devices.

4. Limit heating and cooling during non-occupied building hours. Small changes in heating and cooling can have a big impact. A heat reduction of just 10 degrees over eight hours can reduce energy use by up to 10 percent.

5. Cut down on water usage during normal building operations. Low-flow toilet and sink options aren't the only places to look for water savings. Also be sure any pipe or fixture leaks are fixed.

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