CFL Bulb Recycling Options Abound

Environmental Leader

Recycling companies are making it easier for businesses to address hazardous waste recycling at their operations. Air Cycle Corp., for instance, has upgraded its online resource, to provide businesses with an easier system for recycling their fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, batteries, ballasts, and electronic waste, and tracking their recycling efforts.

Through, users set up their own EasyPak Sustainable Recycling Program to order recycling containers and access features like online recycling reports, official certificates of recycling, and EasyPak container tracking. The EasyPak recycling containers are available for a variety of universal waste and are returned via pre-paid FedEx. Once the waste has been received for recycling, a recurring order is triggered and a new EasyPak container is shipped out automatically, saving the end user time.

The online resource also offers features that can help facilities better understand and track their recycling efforts. Once a user ships out its full EasyPak container, he or she can log in to the Web site to view recycling reports that provide totals of all recycled waste. Container tracking is also available for users that have multiple facilities or use several EasyPak containers at one time.

Air Cycle says these reports are accessible at anytime and are a great resource for marketing environmental progress to customers and co-workers.

In addition, offers free resources to help businesses better understand recycling requirements and regulations, including state-by-state regulations, contact information for state Environmental Protection Agency officials, and information on new recycling solutions and tips.

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